The very best reactions on Twitter to the Ben Stokes Ashes return false alarm

Briefly, for a glorious half an hour period last night, England fans thought Ben Stokes was on the next flight to Australia.

After the England all-rounder was reportedly sighted in Heathrow Airport pushing a trolley full of cricket gear, England supporters were duped into thinking that their star player was en route to Australia to help get his country back on track in the ongoing Ashes series.

Unfortunately, it was too good to be true.

The ECB instantly denied that he was coming to Australia, and in another bizarre turn of events, it seems that he’s actually in talks with a domestic New Zealand side, Canterbury, to play in their 50 over side this weekend. Weird.

Despite the sinking disappointment of finding out that he wasn’t coming to Australia (just yet anyway), Twitter served up some outstanding GIFS and memes conveying exactly how England fans felt about the turbulent half an hour where we went from having no hope, to being full of hope, before crashing back down to hopelessness again.

Joe Root will never be able to grow facial hair like that.

Yeh, there was no way people were gonna forget the Jonny Bairstow headbutt any time soon.

Not yet Jim, not yet.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Stokes just watched ominously from the stands until he’s allowed to play again?

Hugh Lawrie playing Trevor Bayliss there.

Probably the most accurate representation of how that half an hour ended.

We can only dream.

Please Ben.

WWE memes were a trend that kept on giving.

More like England fans when they found out he was actually going to New Zealand.

A classic.

To be honest, this summed it up best.

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